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Care Control and Radar Healthcare’s Partnership Simplifies Compliance Management for the Social Care Sector

01 May 2024


  • Press Release

Care Control LogoIn an exciting development for the social care industry, Care Control and Radar Healthcare have announced a new partnership

This collaboration is set to revolutionise the way care homes manage compliance, combining the strengths of Care Control’s digital Care Planning software with Radar Healthcare’s expertise in risk, quality, and compliance management.

Streamlining Compliance Through Innovative Integration

Central to this partnership is the seamless integration between Care Control and Radar Healthcare systems. Now, when a care worker records an incident within Care Control, the information is automatically populated into Radar Healthcare. This eliminates the need for repetitive data entry, allowing carers to devote more time to resident care rather than administrative tasks. Radar Healthcare’s analytical tools further enhance this process by facilitating a smooth flow of insights back into the Care Control system, promoting a person-centered, data-driven approach to care.

"As Care Control Systems' CEO, I am excited with our partnership with Radar Healthcare, signifying our continued programme of strategic relationships with like-minded organisations. This partnership strengthens compliance management by merging Care Control's digital care planning with Radar Healthcare's risk and compliance expertise. It promises improved health outcomes through proactive monitoring. I look forward to seeing how this partnership develops in the coming months."

Matt Luckham, CEO of Care Control Systems

Care Control Logo

Advancing Care with Cutting-edge Technology

At the forefront of elevating care standards is Care Control, with its advanced digital care planning software. In the ever-evolving landscape of health and social care, Care Control stands at the forefront of digital care technology empowering care delivery. Assured by the NHS as an approved digital care management software provider, Care Control is a complete care management system equipped to handle everything from medication management, detailed care plans and data-driven care insights to comprehensive business management tools for HR, finance, scheduling, and payroll.

In a similar vein, Radar Healthcare aims to drive positive outcomes within health and social care organisations through a comprehensive platform that fosters operational improvement. Its robust platform includes modules for managing events, risks, audits, documents, and workforce compliance, all supported by intelligent analytics to promote safer and more effective care delivery.

By partnering together, Care Control and Radar Healthcare are taking a significant step towards improving compliance management in care homes, showcasing their shared commitment to innovatively improving the quality of care.

The Benefits of Integration

With a shared understanding of the challenges within the sector and a collective desire to drive innovation and efficiency, the Radar Healthcare and Care Control teams collaborated to create an integration between both systems.

“This integration's main objective is to enhance the quality of life for individuals receiving care while streamlining processes to save time for caregivers. Our aim was to ensure that this integration would benefit all care organisations, regardless of their size or number of locations, thereby promoting inclusivity across the board.”

Mark Fewster, Chief Product Officer at Radar Healthcare

Here's a closer look at how this integration impacts both residents and users:

  • Efficiency and communication

    Integrating the two systems improves data accuracy, accessibility, and communication among staff members. This fosters continuity, reduces the risk of errors or duplications, and lessens administrative workload.

  • Improved resident well-being

    Centralised logging of detailed care notes enhances risk management and ensures compliance with safety protocols, ultimately enhancing the overall safety and well-being of residents.

  • Continuous improvement

    Access to comprehensive care data facilitates learning, enabling workers to identify best practices and foster a culture of continuous improvement.

  • Personalised care

    Care professionals can better tailor their approaches based on individual preferences, thereby improving the personalisation of care and leading to better health outcomes and an enhanced quality of life for residents.

  • Improve regulatory ratings

    An evidence-based approach to all processes can lead to improved regulatory ratings and more informed board reports.


In summary, integrating and logging data in Radar Healthcare significantly benefits residents by personalising and enhancing the quality of care while ensuring safety and transparency. For frontline users, it simplifies and enriches their work life, leading to better communication, learning opportunities, job satisfaction, and ultimately, higher-quality care delivery.

“The partnership aspect in this integration was equally vital. We aim for mutual reassurance among customers on both sides, ensuring they understand the benefits and our commitment to ongoing collaboration. To solidify this commitment, formal collaboration agreements are established to optimise the relationship and ensure customers benefit from shared knowledge.”

Rhian Bulmer, Chief Partnerships Officer at Radar Healthcare

About Radar Healthcare

Radar Healthcare is dedicated to helping health and social care organisations across the world to improve learnings and drive positive outcomes. We do this through our interoperable risk, quality and compliance platform which supports the quest for excellence through incident management, risk management and audit management software, as well as quality improvement plans and workforce compliance. Intelligent analytics enable actions to be triggered directly from this data and monitors data patterns to create events, automate notifications around concerns and improve operational intelligence across one or multiple locations. In this way, health and social care providers can improve safety, reduce risks, know they are compliant, increase productivity and improve the delivery of care through quality assurance and operational efficiency.


About Care Control

Care Control is an adaptable care software that operates through a hybrid cloud system and is designed for various care settings, making it a versatile solution for any care business. Our mission is simple, to empower those dedicated to delivering care. Our emphasis on innovation inspired us to develop software that not only modernises care operations but enhances the quality of life for both care recipients and those who administer it. We want to support care businesses in their journey of digital transformation. We envision a world where the delivery of care is seamless, efficient, and truly person-centered. That’s why we provide a complete care and business management tool that provides instant and effortless access to essential data, such as Care Planning, eMAR, HR management, and Payroll.

Visit Care Control’s website for more information.

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