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Radar Healthcare partners with AvMA to support patient safety

10 March 2022


  • Company updates

As a partner of Action against Medical Accidents, Radar Healthcare is committed to supporting those affected by avoidable harm.

With patient safety being at the heart of what we do, it is important to support those who are working towards a fairer culture for people affected by healthcare errors and those who are trying to mitigate them . Therefore, Radar Healthcare has joined with Action against Medical Accidents to help them to Improve patient safety and help both the NHS and those who have been affected by avoidable harm.

One of our first tasks as a member of AvMA is to champion the ‘Harmed Patient Pathway’ campaign , which aims to deliver help to those and their families who have been affected by avoidable harm as well as giving the NHS the tools to support and train their staff in best practices.

This support comes in the form of advocacy, specialist counselling, redress, and highlighting any opportunities for people to join studies, and to inform NHS bodies on their experiences to improve the culture for future generations. We at Radar Healthcare support patient safety through streamlining processes for our healthcare workers, helping them focus on caring for patients instead of worrying about procedure.

Both AvMA and Radar Healthcare believe in a ‘just culture’, where blame is not attributed to one fixed entity. However, the pain left behind by a healthcare error for everyone involved – staff and patients – must be dealt with in a holistic and sensitive manner. Our work to make the reporting of these events impartial and tactful through automation is a mission we take very seriously but we are also eager to offer more direct support to those affected.

As advocates of both healthcare organisations and their service users, we’re passionate about being able to support them in this way.

For more information on Action against Medical Accidents, please find out more on their website.