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Analytics – more than just a number…

05 May 2021


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The people in your care are more than just a numberThat’s why you need analytics that are not only easy to understand, but that also help you to look after your people.

There’s so much more to analysing data than numbers and graphs. Not only that, but it’s incredibly important to ensure you’re making the right decisions and continuously improving the quality of care you provide. 

However, with so many numbers, reporting options, and systems on the market, where do you begin? We’ve put together a simple three step guide to help. 


1. Day to day


Start at the top level – the data you have which gives you oversight of your organisation as a whole, and the operational activity taking place. Can you see what’s happening, when it’s happening and where it’s happening? 

How are you evidencing compliance for regulators? Are you providing data in a clear and understandable format or are you scanning in lots of sheets of paper? Regulators appreciate being provided precise evidence offering explicit proof of compliance. 


2. Time to deep dive 


Once you know which data you have access to, take a closer look and see if you can spot any trends. If you have a good quality and compliance software like Radar Healthcare, trends will be pulled out for you. Our system will also follow up these trends with automated action plans so nothing is missed. These actions ensure continuous movement towards improved quality of care for your service users.  


3. Innovation


You may have heard the phrases ‘AI’ and ‘machine learning’ floating around nowadays, but did you know that quality and compliance software can utilise these to squeeze the most data and information out of your operations as possible? Along with predictive analytics, our software can analyse current trends and information to predict future patterns, enabling you to be proactive rather than reactive. 


Ready to begin? 

If you’ve read points 1 through 3 and realised that you’re either unable to carry them out with your current processes or software, consider Radar Healthcare. Our innovative software offers unrivalled analytics that does it all.  


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