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Accelerating innovation – key takeaways from our recent webinar

30 November 2020


  • Patient Safety
  • Primary Care
  • Webinar

We can no longer rely on technology from the past to safeguard our futures.

Molly Kent, Radar Healthcare


Molly Kent, one of our Quality and Compliance Specialists, held a webinar recently with Joanne Howard, Director of Nursing and Quality at Malling Health. Jo shared her experience in using technology to support innovation, learning and improvement.

In this blog, Molly shares a few of her key takeaways from the session.

Single source of truth

The importance of having access to the right information at the right time is critical in healthcare, and arguably it’s been more vital this year than ever before. I was inspired by Malling Health’s innovative approach throughout the pandemic. By using Radar Healthcare as their one source of truthcompliance levels were boosted from 40% pre-pandemic to 98% during the first wave of COVID-19.  

Malling were able to use key features within Radar Healthcare to effectively communicate with all their staff at all times. Because Radar Healthcare works on any device, everyone had the assurance that they could quickly access the relevant information, whether it was an infection control form, an update to a policy, or communications about changes to government advice and guidance.  

Achieving assurance

Jo really highlights the importance of Radar Healthcare in giving assurance, whether that be to the board or to members of staff on the front line. With all patient safety, quality and compliance information in one place, the board could accurately see compliance at every level across the organisation. Because Radar Healthcare is such an effective communication tool, staff also knew exactly what they needed to do and why, despite rapidly changing national guidance. 

Future proofing

Jo made an interesting point that whilst COVID has been one of the worst things to happen, it has also really accelerated vital innovation across healthcare. With the Radar Healthcare team ready to respond at all times, and because Radar Healthcare is so configurable at every level, we were able to make changes with Malling Health remotely and at pace – giving them the assurance that they were delivering outstanding care at every point throughout the pandemic.  

This kind of flexibility may have been seen as a nice to have before 2020, however I would argue now that it’s vital to our healthcare systems. We can no longer rely on technology from the past to safeguard our futures. 

Find out more

If you missed it, you can watch the webinar recording with Malling Health here. Alternatively, have a read of our case study, or contact our expert team to see how our product can help you. 

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