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£546m added to the Adult Social Care Infection Control Fund, how are you using yours?

08 October 2020


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Are you benefitting from the £546m added to the Adult Social Care Infection Control Fund? We welcome round 2 of this fund and are pleased to see many care organisations are using it to move to digital infection control processes. If you’re thinking about joining them, we’d like to show you how Radar Healthcare can help you combat infection control. 

Ready to move to digital infection control processes?

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Below is the infection control guidance set out by the Department of Health, and how Radar Healthcare can help you adhere to it: 

You need to be able to demonstrate a risk-based approach to the management of residents, their environment, and the risks others may pose to them. Radar Healthcare enables efficient risk management by, for example, automatically creating action plans. Access to real-time data also helps you make critical decisions by understanding trends, like where an infection is having the biggest impact.

You can use Radar Healthcare to assign, categorise and prioritise all your operational tasks and actions. Automated notifications and reminders prompt each individual to carry out their responsibilities, and internal audits ensure processes are being adhered to.

Whether you have one or multiple care homes, documents to communicate information on infections – including specific incidents and lessons learned – can be stored on Radar Healthcare to ensure a standardised approach. This important information can be quickly shared throughout the organisation, with automated notifications when they are downloaded.

Process workflows can be created in Radar Healthcare to ensure that when an incident is logged, your team members are guided through the steps required. Workflows can be customised in line with scenario planning and best practice guidance. This can include automated notifications internally or to external bodies, mandatory data input or escalation of actions. Radar Healthcare also provides a trail of ownership of tasks and actions, enables automated process management, and also offers real-time oversight of task completion and associated results. 

Education plays a critical role in the prevention and control of infection. To support this, all your policies and procedures can be stored within Radar Healthcare for your team members to access and acknowledge receipt of. Radar Healthcare can also help you customise, manage and track employee training, appraisals, supervisions and compliance requirements to make sure they have everything they need to understand the specific role they play in infection control.

Customers benefiting from Radar Healthcare

Our customers are using Radar Healthcare to digitalise their infection control processes. Walsingham Support utilised a COVID-specific event to keep track of resource in the organisation. Thistle Healthcare Group used Radar Healthcare to remotely monitor and support their services. Take a look at more of our customer case studies. 


The focus on good infection prevention and control practices has never been more important

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