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Case Study: Advinia

Digital technology increases visibility for Advinia

Advinia is a care home organisation with 35 homes, varying from 21 beds to 220 beds. They provide the full spectrum of care services, and pride themselves on providing homely facilities and high quality care. Most of their homes care for older people, but they also provide care for younger adults with learning disabilities. Katie Smith, Operations and Project Lead, built and implemented Radar Healthcare within Advinia’s care homes over a year ago.

Before Radar Healthcare

Katie explained to us how before she implemented Radar Healthcare, Advinia used to have a large unwieldy spreadsheet which was completed manually, and effort was duplicated throughout. It was time both time consuming and difficult to complete.

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Why Advinia chose Radar Healthcare

After considering options, Advinia realised that Radar Healthcare was the most customisable system. Other software was focused on specific elements such as health and safety, but Radar Healthcare covered it all.

The features Advinia benefits from most

The increased visibility across the organisation is amazing.

Katie Smith, Operations and Project Lead at Advinia

Radar Healthcare gives organisations increased visibility across every location, no matter how many. Advinia has been finding this especially helpful during the COVID crisis; they could use Radar Healthcare to keep on top of what was happening despite the restrictions on the number of team members going into homes.

Moving auditing online has been fantastic.

Katie Smith, Operations and Project Lead at Advinia

When it comes to auditing, previously Advinia used a paper-based reporting system which was held in each home. Audits are quicker now, using tablets to complete them, and it has allowed the organisation to streamline the number of its audits. Users of the system also appreciate the evidence attachment feature, where they can save time by uploading a photo of support plans instead of writing them out.

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Advinia like that communication via the system is instant, which is especially important when they need to inform several staff members about an incident or event. If an audit is coming up, Radar Healthcare supports the homes’ management teams as it lets them know when an audit is pending, so they can plan effectively.

Radar Healthcare has revolutionised how we can monitor the quality of our services through auditing. It’s made life easier for our homes by having all policies in one place.

Katie Smith, Operations and Project Lead at Advinia

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An important aspect of visibility is being able to not only see what your organisation is up to, but also to analyse and make improvements off the back of your findings. Advinia have used the analytics dashboard on Radar Healthcare to do just this. Home Managers can see where their homes are at quickly rather than needing to print reports. From this, they’ve been able to see that some homes had trends with incidents and were able to implement new systems to prevent and reduce occurrences.

Radar Healthcare’s reporting allowed us to spot trends and make adjustments for these.

Katie Smith, Operations and Project Lead at Advinia

How action planning has improved insight

Advinia use Radar Healthcare to produce a service improvement plan every month. Here they can simply see how many actions have been completed, how many are in progress, and how many are overdue. This allows Home Managers to gain oversight and accountability to help with task assignment.

Radar Healthcare was the first electronic system we implemented and since then we’ve started doing more and more digitally.

Katie Smith, Operations and Project Lead at Advinia

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