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Why switch to cloud-based software?

05 September 2022


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Cloud-based software in healthcarePublic and private organisations are becoming more accustomed to using cloud-based software. Research shows that businesses using the cloud are already seeing benefits, including improved performance (41%), better network visibility (39%), and stronger security (45%).

But what does this buzzword mean, and how can healthcare organisations benefit from using it?

What is cloud-based software?

Cloud-based software (also known as cloud computing or Software-as-a-Service) can be defined as application software that is hosted using the internet (or cloud) that can be accessed using a web browser, a desktop client, or an API (Application Programme Interface) that integrates with your devices.

If you have ever used software like Microsoft OneDrive, Apple iCloud, Yahoo Mail, Salesforce, or even Netflix, then you have used a cloud-based service.

Cloud-based software has many benefits and is becoming much more popular across all businesses. In a recent survey, 92% of organisations said that they are already using cloud-based software to store data and most of them plan to implement it more within the next year.

“Being able to use data analytics to give us an accurate view and get ahead of the curve when it comes to something that could become an issue in one of our care homes will be a real benefit to our organisation.”

– Antony Hall, Director of Insights, Assurance and Governance, HC-One


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Why do so many healthcare organisations use cloud-based technology?

  • Reduced fees: The wonderful thing about cloud-based software is that it can reduce the costs and resources of purchasing, installing, and configuring. Cloud software typically only costs per user, making it easier for companies to scale, as well as only pay for what they need.
  • Protection from data loss: The cloud gives you the certainty that you won’t lose data if a device breaks, crashes, or is stolen because it is safely stored on the cloud.
  • Increase collaboration, visibility, and access management: By widening the accessibility of data, cloud-based software can be used to increase communication within and between organisations, enabling teams to work more collaboratively. Radar Healthcare’s integrated software allows organisations to record data in real time, providing more up-to-date and accurate information.
  • Improved security: According to research conducted by McAfee over 50% of companies experience better security with cloud-based services. But what makes cloud-based software safer? All data stored on cloud servers are encrypted, making it harder for cybercriminals to access.
  • Updates, upgrades, and bug fixes: With cloud-based software, you take advantage of new features and system upgrades as soon as the provider adds them, eliminating the need to manually upgrade or wait for them to become available. A lot of cloud-based service providers, like Radar Healthcare, also provide customer support to help with continuous system updates and modifications.

“People love it – that feedback comes from across the business. Radar Healthcare has opened the dashboards up and made this data more accessible to people elsewhere in the organisation.”

– James Robson, Change Delivery Director at Four Seasons Health Care Group 


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How can your healthcare organisation cloud-based software?

Simply put, cloud-based software addresses many common challenges in healthcare, including, but not limited to, miscommunication, data misplacement, and accessibility.

Utilising technology, like Radar Healthcare’s quality and compliance software will help make everyday tasks easier and faster; providing you more time to focus on your patients and give them with the care they need.

Radar Healthcare’s cloud-based software allows you to store data centrally and safely, giving you one less thing to worry about.

For more information on how our flexible solution can help with your data processes for improved safety across your whole organisation, get in touch today.

Find out more about our data security on WhatTheHealthTech?

“Information security in healthcare is one of the most important things – and it can get overlooked. I was brought into Radar Healthcare to be the dedicated person to go out and ensure that we have all the processes in place to ensure that our data and our partner’s information are secure and safe, and it is a significant role because it means it is one thing less for our partners to worry about.”

Jonathan Alsop, Quality and Information Security Manager – EP020: Why Security Matters

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