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Digital Health Rewired 2024 Recapped

14 March 2024


  • Healthtech
  • Patient Safety

Proud sponsors of the Digital Nursing and Midwifery Summit

Radar Healthcare recently had the privilege of being the headline sponsor at the Digital Nursing and Midwifery Summit during the esteemed Digital Health Rewired 2024 event.

It was a remarkable experience brimming with innovation and insightful discussions, all aimed at empowering healthcare professionals to fully embrace the digital transformation in patient care.

In this blog we provide a recap on the sessions we found particularly enlightening and impactful….

Digital Health Rewired 2024

Digital Midwifery Best Practice Case Studies 

One of the standout moments from the two-day summit was our Chief Partnerships Officer, Rhian Bulmer’s session titled ‘Digital Midwifery Best Practice Case Studies’. Rhian, alongside Digital Midwives and clinical advocates, shared invaluable insights in a best practice session, chaired by Misbah Mahmood, deputy chief midwifery information officer at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS FT.  

Rhian’s discussion, ‘Insights into Patient Diversity: Leveraging Data and Digitisation for Improved Healthcare’, shed light on the innovative strides being made to improve maternity care. During this discussion, Rhian put emphasis on the transformative impact of technology, highlighting key points such as the role of digitisation in enhancing patient care by streamlining data and automating processes. Additionally, Rhian discussed software’s ability to identify trends, particularly concerning adverse events among vulnerable groups like women from ethnic minority backgrounds, stressing the urgency of effective data analysis to proactively safeguard patients, mitigate risks, and ensure equitable, safe, and excellent care. 

The wider discussion delved into various topics, including pioneering initiatives like the ‘book before 10’ campaign, the evolving role of Digital Midwives, and the effective implementation of Electronic Health Records (EHR) in UK maternity services. 

Digital Health Rewired

Milestones in digital nursing 

Another enlightening session, moderated by Steve Hams from North Bristol NHS Trust, shed light on the significant milestones in digital nursing. From exploring career pathways for digital nurses, as discussed by Helen Balsdon, Interim CNIO NHS England, to addressing digital poverty and health inequalities, as highlighted by Simon Noel, CNIO Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, each speaker underscored the pivotal role of data accuracy and quality in propelling innovation within healthcare. 

The session prompted crucial questions on how to unite nurses and midwives, educate more individuals on digital nursing careers, and retain these professionals within the healthcare community. The importance of the entire nursing workforce was emphasised, highlighting the need for collective efforts in driving digital transformation. 

Dr. Crystal Oldman’s, Chief Executive at The Queens Nursing Institute, poignant remarks resonated deeply, emphasising the necessity of integrating community nurses into digital innovations and championing evidence-based practices in healthcare discourse. 

Digital Health Rewired

Wrapping up

Throughout the summit, a recurring theme emerged – the indispensable role of data in shaping the future of healthcare. While technology serves as a cornerstone, its efficiency is maximised when coupled with accurate and timely data, ensuring it is utilised effectively to make tangible improvements in patient outcomes. 

As the headline sponsor, Radar Healthcare was deeply honored to contribute to and be a part of this transformative event. Digital Health Rewired 2024 not only provided a platform for knowledge sharing but also was a testament to the unwavering dedication and passion displayed across the industry. 

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the speakers, attendees, and organisers for their invaluable contributions to making this event a resounding success.  

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