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Season 1: EP040: Prioritising patient safety, with Helen Hughes

12 January 2023


  • Healthtech
  • Patient Safety
  • Season One

A Conversation with Helen Hughes, CEO of Patient Safety Learning

Helen Hughes returns to chat with Mark Fewster on the podcast this week, chatting all things Patient Safety Learning. As Chief Executive of the charity, Helen describes how PSL help organisations transition to a more patient safety-focused culture. The pair also chat about ‘What Good Looks Like’ and assessing cultures within your own business.

On this episode of ‘What the HealthTech’, Mark interviews Helen Hughes, the chief executive of Patient Safety Learning. Helen shares her personal journey and the founding principles of Patient Safety Learning, a charity focused on improving patient safety.

Established four years ago, the charity aims to promote an authentic voice from the frontline of healthcare, advocating for safer practices and accountability. Helen discusses the organisation’s role in campaigning, awareness-raising, and policy influencing, emphasising the need for a systemic approach to address the persistent issue of avoidable harm in healthcare.

Furthermore, Helen highlights the importance of supporting healthcare workers, especially in the aftermath of serious incidents. Patient Safety Learning has developed a practical guide to aid staff involved in such incidents, focusing on providing both practical and psychological support throughout the process.

The organisation’s vision for the future includes expanding its global reach, promoting a culture of safety, and developing tools and resources to empower healthcare organisations in implementing best practices. Despite the challenges, Helen remains hopeful that through collaborative efforts and a commitment to cultural change, significant improvements in patient safety can be achieved.

Watch the podcast interview with Helen and Mark

Topics covered:

  • Patient safety advocacy and awareness
  • Support initiatives for frontline healthcare workers
  • Creation of practical support guides for incident management
  • Promotion of cultural change to enhance safety in healthcare

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