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Season 1: EP035: Changing Pathways for Patients, with Owain Rhys Hughes

08 December 2022


  • Healthtech
  • Patient Safety
  • Season One

Revolutionising Healthcare Communication with Cinapsis: A conversation with Owain Rhys Hughes

CEO Paul is back as host this week, speaking with Owain Rhys Hughes, a former ENT surgeon and CEO of Cinapsis.

In this episode of What the HealthTech, host Paul Johnson discusses the challenges and solutions within health and social care with Owain Rhys Hughes, an EMT surgeon within the NHS and founder of Cinapsis. Owain shares his firsthand experiences with the inefficiencies of current healthcare systems, which led him to create Cinapsis to address these challenges. 

Cinapsis facilitates real-time communication between primary care clinicians and specialists, allowing for quick advice and streamlined patient pathways. By providing access to specialists and reducing unnecessary referrals and face-to-face consultations, Cinapsis significantly improves patient outcomes and reduces burdens on the healthcare system.  

Despite initial challenges, the adoption of digital health solutions like Cinapsis is growing rapidly, driven by the desire for change among clinicians and the increasing focus on interoperability and user-friendly technology interfaces.  

Looking ahead, Cinapsis aims to continue expanding its reach and enhancing its interoperability to further improve healthcare delivery across different areas of the NHS. 

Watch the podcast interview with Owain and Paul

Topics covered:

  • Challenges in healthcare systems
  • Creation of Cinapsis to address inefficiencies
  • Real-time communication between primary care and specialists
  • Improving patient outcomes and reducing burdens on healthcare system

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