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Season 1: Ep 034: Getting to grips with PSIRF, with Helen Hughes

01 December 2022


  • Healthtech
  • Patient Safety
  • Season One

Transforming Healthcare: A Conversation on Improving Patient Safety with Helen Hughes

Chief Product Officer Mark Fewster met with Chief Executive Helen Hughes to get the lowdown on the NHS’s new Patient Safety Incident Response Framework. Listen in to find out how this is going to drive an open and just culture, what can be expected after the transition, and why the implementation process is key in PSIRF’s success.

In this episode of the podcast, host Mark Fewster speaks with Helen Hughes, CEO of Patient Safety Learning, about improving patient safety. Helen discusses her background in leadership roles across various organisations, including the World Health Organisation, and her passion for driving positive change in healthcare.

The conversation delves into the need for a shift in incident investigation approaches within healthcare, moving away from a blame culture towards a focus on learning and improvement. Helen emphasises the importance of cultural change and proper training to ensure investigations yield actionable insights for preventing avoidable harm.

The discussion also touches on challenges organisations face in implementing these changes and the necessity for knowledge sharing both locally and nationally to drive continuous improvement in patient safety practices. Throughout, the conversation highlights the complexities of transforming healthcare systems to prioritise safety and learning.

Watch the podcast interview with Helen and Mark

Topics covered:

  • Cultural shift towards learning in incident investigations
  • Importance of proper training for actionable insights
  • Challenges in implementing changes in healthcare organisations
  • Role of PSIRF in driving continuous improvement

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