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What Good Looks Like (WGLL)

12 July 2022


  • ICSs

female doctor working on medical report with laptop and document fileDigital transformation in the NHS during the COVID-19 pandemic was fast-tracked when otherwise the level achieved could have taken years. Now, the challenge is to continue this digital transformation journey so that all health and social care providers can improve.


What is the What Good Looks Like framework?

WGLL is set at both a system and organisation level for NHS leaders to collaborate with their system partners. Integrated care systems can support the success of the WGLL framework in driving digital maturity.

Included in other documentation such as the ICS design framework and A Plan for Digital Health and Social Care, WGLL and its standards are expected to be used to spur data transformation.


What are the 7 success measures of WGLL?

As part of the What Good Looks Like framework, there are 7 measures of success:

  1. Well led
  2. Ensure smart foundations
  3. Safe practice
  4. Support people
  5. Empower citizens
  6. Improve care
  7. Healthy populations

Within each, the framework outlines what good would look like in an ICS, and what it would look like in an organisation. This list isn’t exhaustive, the full explanations can be found on the NHS website.


1. Well Led

What does good look like in an ICS?

  • Own a digital and data strategy that has input from clinical representatives across the ICS, helps drive the ICS forward and has a strong financial foundation
  • Align all digital and data strategies of organisations through good governance
  • Regularly engage with front-line staff, partners and citizens to help identify digital techniques for improving health and care outcomes

What does good look like in an organisation?

  • Boards should lead digital transformation through establishing governance to review strategies and ensure these line up with the ICS strategy
  • Build confidence in digital technology through regular board development sessions, as well as managing cyber security risk


2. Ensure smart foundations

What does good look like in an ICS?

  • System-wide strategy for developing teams with the required expertise, from clinical to technical, so that the ICS ambitions can be reached
  • All projects are cyber secure
  • Utilise systems for electronic care records, diagnostics and EPMA

What does good look like in an organisation?

  • Move to cloud data hosting and management, with a secure and sturdy network
  • Staff have access to technology to support their jobs


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3. Safe practice

What does good look like in an ICS?

  • Maintain fully resourced strong cyber security with mitigation plans to support people and organisations
  • Meet clinical safety standards with a function headed up by a CSO
  • A clear process to respond to safety recommendations and alerts such as those from NHS England

What does good look like in an organisation?

  • Complete use of national cyber services that NHS Digital provide
  • Able to cope with High Severity Alerts quickly
  • Have both a cyber security function and a clinical safety function


4. Support people

What does good look like in an ICS?

  • A digital-first approach, where staff are digitally literate and systems and tools are encouraged, especially where it allows staff from different organisations to work remotely and flexibly
  • Have ICS shared care records at the point of care, so that front-line members have all the information they need

What does good look like in an organisation?

  • Systems should be intuitive and easy to use for staff and support them to work flexibly, remotely and across multiple sites
  • Support teams to have basic data, digital and cyber security knowledge, and ensure they can contact digital support services any time of the day


5. Empower citizens

What does good look like in an ICS?

  • Citizens can access digital services and take an active part in their health
  • A full ICS approach to accessing care plans, test results, history, appointments and more
  • Digital communication tools so that citizens can use self-service tools like referrals, condition management and self triage

What does good look like in an organisation?

  • Develop a single strategy, in line with the ICS, to engage citizens
  • A strategy for digital inclusion so that all communities can access and use digital opportunities whatever their literacy


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6. Improve care

What does good look like in an ICS?

  • Transform care pathways across organisations using data and digital solutions to improve the care for patients
  • Reduce unwarranted variation by helping clinicians follow best practices with decision support tools

What does good look like in an organisation?

  • Provide remote consultations and care services which promote patient choice
  • Improve the safety of care by promoting relevant digital tools and technologies


7. Health populations

What does good look like in an ICS?

  • Use a digital platform for the full ICS which links data sets, including primary, secondary, mental health, social care and community data, to promote healthy populations
  • Ensure decision-makers have access to population health insight
  • Seamless coordination across care settings for at-risk populations, using data and analytics to create integrated care models

What does good look like in an organisation?

  • Submit data to the ICS digital platform and use information from this to help with care planning
  • Support clinical trials, the development of AI tools and real-world evidencing by ensuring data from the organisation is available


Choose the right digital system for your ICS to help achieve the WGLL success measures

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