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Hospital Risk Management Software

Looking for a hospital risk management software that not only tracks risks but also helps you drive improvements to reduce them?

Radar Healthcare’s risk management solution drives improvements in patient safety by allowing you to identify, track and manage issues, as well as implement integrated action plans.

Risk management is just one in our suite of product modules that work together to help you manage regulatory compliance, while also improving the performance of your healthcare organisation.

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    Reducing risk

    by analysing data

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    Sophisticated risk management at your fingertips

    In hospitals and other healthcare environments, it doesn’t work to manage your risks in silo from other compliance factors. Radar Healthcare allows you to link your risks to relevant items such as events, action plans, audits, complaints, etc.

    Furthermore, with our software, you don’t need multiple risk registers in your hospital. One central risk register, that is customisable for whatever works best for you, will meet all of your requirements. We believe in flexibility and have built both our product and pricing around just that. Piece together our product in a way that works for you, and only pay for what you need.

    Putting a risk management system to tender made us realise what technology is available out there beyond the usual two providers.

    Stephen Thomson, Associate Director of Integrated Governance at Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

    Primary benefits

    Flexible to any risk or compliance change you may experience in your hospital, Radar Healthcare provides you with a comprehensive view of risk and regulatory compliance at all times.

    • One location for all your hospital risks, no more sifting through spreadsheets or dated software
    • Customise your risk matrix to fit you, every hospital is different
    • Using event data and audit scores, track and reduce risks
    • Risk controls like cost and ownership can be tracked in Radar Healthcare, ensuring you have oversight over every aspect
    • State-of-the-art analytics allows you to monitor key performance indicators whenever the need arises, and evidence these
    • Easily add supporting documents and evidence, including smart links to other risks and events

    Flexible to fit you

    One software doesn’t fit all, and ours is loved by many healthcare organisations, both private and public, because they can build it to fit them. You may be a private hospital needing risk management but not audits or incident management, or you may be an NHS Trust needing all aspects of compliance management. Our risk, quality and compliance management software is built to be person-centred with patient safety at the forefront.

    Choose from our product modules:

    Incident management
    Workforce compliance
    Action and improvement plans
    Document management
    Risk management
    Business compliance