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Radar Healthcare is uniquely flexible to support quality, compliance and risk management in all areas of health and social care.

Our customers include large NHS Trusts and privately run multi-service organisations, to those with a handful of services or even just one, both in the UK and beyond.

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Radar Healthcare consists as a few modules which work together to help organisations improve care. Some modules are included as standard and some are optional extras.

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The price for Radar Healthcare depends on your organisational needs. We have 2 packages – Essential and Premium. Take a look at our interactive page to find out how much Radar Healthcare would be for your organisation.

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Yes, Radar Healthcare can save your organisation both time and money, as well as help drive improvements. Because our software is a single solution for quality, compliance and risk, you may find that we can replace more than one of your current systems. For example, Four Seasons Health Care used Radar Healthcare to replace 3 existing quality and assurance systems, and Sanctuary care moved from 8 non-linking systems to Radar Healthcare which is one system where everything links.

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Yes, and it’s easy to book a demo with us! We’ll find out your organisation’s needs and show you through the software.

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Radar Healthcare is a central place which integrates all modules in one place. This makes it easy for you to see an overview of tasks or performance, as well as dig in to more details. For example, you can see centralised action and improvement plans, as well as those linked to specific incidents and audits.

We understand that events often don’t occur in silo. That’s why with Radar Healthcare you can link incidents, action plans, complaints, audits, risks and more, closing the loop between non-conformities and required improvements.

Our software is both focused on the service users to help deliver safe, effective and person-centred care, and built around software users to ensure it’s simple to implement and apply in your organisation. We can provide you with a practice audit, and you can build your own audits to evidence CQC compliance. It’s easy to provide evidence in reports with the click of a button, so there’s no more searching through spreadsheets or paper documents. 

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Radar Healthcare has been built to be flexible, configurable and scalable so it’s interoperable with many other systems you may be using.

Radar Healthcare is accessible on any device, including smart phones. It’s responsive, cloud-based and secure. 

Feedback is an essential part of understanding how to improve. In Radar Healthcare, it’s simple to log both compliments and complaints from staff, service users and family members, as well as link action and improvement plans.

Yes, Radar Healthcare is role-based which means you can assign tasks and other items to staff depending on the role they have in your organisation.

The time taken to onboard varies depending on a few factors, one being the size of your organisationSpeak to our team for an idea of how long it may take you. 

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YesRadar Healthcare is a highly configurable tool kit. You can make changes in-house and disseminate them across the organisation, allowing you to be dynamic and responsive to changes.

Once Radar Healthcare’s software has been implemented, you will be passed over to our support team who will be there for you to contact with any issues or changes. Our support hours are from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. 

Our software has inbuilt training which will help you through some areas you may be finding trickier. 

If you’re a Premium customer, you will be assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will work closely with you on your account. 

If you’re an Essential customer, support and general enquiries are included and unlimited. You can purchase additional configuration assistance as needed.

During the build process, customers are fully involved and sign-off every step along the way. This is to ensure you’re happy with how the system is configured before you Go Live to cause minimum disruption. However, if something isn’t quite right, it is possible to alter configurations after implementation. 

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