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Inspection Ready: Are you CQC prepared?

The CQC can visit an organisation at any point in time and while you can’t be sure of exactly when an inspection will take place, you can be sure of one thing; it will happen! Find out how to stay inspection ready with our interactive CQC checklist:

Why stay inspection ready?

The CQC use the five Key Lines of Enquiries (KLOEs) to inspect care homes and assess whether the Fundamental Standards of Care are being met. These Key Lines of Enquiries are: is the service safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led? When an organisation fails to reach its desired rating there are consequences, the most serious of which being when an organisation is found to be inadequate, they risk being closed down.

In order to adequately prepare and achieve a good or outstanding rating, first your organisation needs to understand what the CQC expects from you. It can be time consuming and often seem overwhelming when preparing for these inspections. You may struggle to know what evidence you will need and if your documents are in the form of paper and spreadsheets, compiling them can be even more time consuming. The CQC’s new strategy is more technologically focused so digital evidence is going to have a larger role to play.

“There’s a difference between foraging for information and actually using the information. Radar Healthcare does both for you with just a click.”

– Misha Fontenot, Quality and Policy Manager at Walsingham Support

How Radar Healthcare can help

There is a lot to remember when preparing for an inspection which is why we have prepared the above CQC checklist based on the CQC Key Lines of Enquiries. This CQC checklist is designed to keep your organisation inspection-ready and on top of everything that may be requested on the day of the inspection.

Radar Healthcare is here to help you improve your CQC rating, as evidenced by the many organisations we work with, as noted in Orri’s “Outstanding” CQC report. From incident and event reporting to our ready-made KLOE audit, Radar Healthcare’s quality and compliance software has a variety of modules to help you prepare for your next CQC inspection and practice the five CQC standards when you need to.

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