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Your system currently needs to be cloud-based to use LFPSE, are you ready?


The LFPSE (learn from patient safety events) service is in the final stages of development and will replace NRLS and StEI to offer better support and provide greater insight and analysis to aid safety improvement. As it stands, your incident reporting system needs to be cloud-based in order to use LFPSE. If. As it stands, your current incident reporting system needs to be cloud-based. If you’re using a web-based software, you’ll need to think ahead about changing systems.

That’s why Radar Healthcare is here to help – by replacing legacy systems with next generation technology.


What makes Radar Healthcare different?

  • No other supplier has been as fast to react to LFPSE.
  • Our teams are agile – we act quickly and when we need to.
  • Always ahead of the game, with the latest technology – no more legacy systems.
  • Our software is flexible – we fit into your processes, not the other way round.
  • Amongst the top UK companies for customer service.
  • The future is bright – our analytics is always evolving.


“It’s easy to remain with your current systems, adapting your processes to fit your software; we’ve not had to do this thanks to Radar Healthcare’s flexibility.”

Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

Replace your legacy system with next generation technology

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Feature List Other Suppliers Radar Healthcare

Multi-device friendly

allowing you take the software anywhere


ensures the software is always up-to-date with the latest version and features


keep track of and carry out audits, while evidencing digitally

State of the art analytics

intelligent analytics enables users to easily analyse data

Ongoing support

expert team on hand to help throughout your whole contract

Business compliance

track and manage location based tasks and recurring checks

Claims administration

report any claims and ensure they’re followed up appropriately


the software is flexible to fit around your processes, not the other way round


log every complaint and compliment and link them to action plans

User centred design

the software is built by users, with users

Incident management

automatically triggered actions when an incident is logged

Risk registers

identify, track and manage risks that could threaten your business model


store and manage documents and policies for easy access at any time

Digital adoption platform

an in-built help guide on the software to help you navigate

Build your own dashboards

customise your reporting with an overview of the elements that you choose