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Specialist and Patient Transport Services


Software to support you, so you can support others

Specialist services like yours need technology to work with you, not against you. We’ve worked in partnership with seasoned healthcare professionals to make sure Radar Healthcare does exactly that.  

Bringing together your many operational and often complex processes into just one system, our flexible and intuitive quality and risk management software automates and standardises your processes, freeing up time spent on functional tasks and taking away worry, so you can focus on the people you help.  

Communication flows smoothly around your service, and simple to use digital data makes tasks like regulation management much less time consuming, especially when gathering evidence and reviewing audit trails.

Let our award-winning software support you and your team, so you can get on with supporting others.

When the CQC has seen Radar Healthcare, they have been really impressed, as have our NHS customers, who now specifically ask for data out of Radar Healthcare. 
ERS Medical

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  • Free up time spent on functional tasks

  • Access the information you need on the go

  • Make team communication simpler

  • Simple to use digital data

  • Evidence and audit trails

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