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Make your dental care organisation shine bright

Moving from a manual to digital way of working will help you transform your business in the best way possible.

Using our cloud based dental software, evidence for regulation digitally so you can access anything you need with a click of a button, ensuring you’re fully prepared for dental practice inspections.

Protect your brand reputation by ensuring you’re evidencing dental compliance through decisions, actions and improvements. Have complete oversight of care across any number of dental practices and locations.

No matter what, ensure your compliance and regulation never slips. Our software helps make the lives of your practice staff easier by automating processes in one easy-to-use system. Save time for the more important things like ensuring your patients have the best experience possible in your care.

“What we really liked about Radar Healthcare was that it was completely configurable to our needs – meaning we can use our own documents and digitise them – we don’t have to change them to fit a system. 
Portman Dental

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  • Complete oversight across multiple practices

  • Digitise audits and remove paper based working

  • Make practice staff lives easier

  • Protect your brand reputation

  • Cloud based dental software

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