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We spoke to Craig Rainford, Operations Systems Manager at Four Seasons Health Care, about how Radar Healthcare has helped them evolve their ways of working and helped them hold intermediate care contracts with the NHS. Through using Radar Healthcare they have been able to replace three systems with one, making them more efficient as an organisation.


In May 2020, Four Seasons Health Care began their journey with Radar Healthcare to support their intermediate care function. After initially implementing our software in 9 care homes, they’ve now rolled it out to 172 locations as their incident management tool.

Four Seasons Health Care currently hold contracts with the NHS where a number of beds are reserved for patients requiring intermediate care. They wanted a solution which would allow them to meet the requirements of the NHS contract as well as to fit to their current processes, and they decided Radar Healthcare was the best solution for them.

It was all hands on deck to implement the software and it proved the worth of Radar Healthcare that they could meet our deadline and get the software implemented so quickly. We haven’t had any issues with the system either, which is common when implementing new software.

Craig Rainford, Operations Systems Manager at Four Seasons Health Care

When onboarding the software Four Seasons Health Care had a tight deadline. Our Projects team worked hard to get them fully up and running within 8 weeks, which included creating a bespoke deployment plan, testing and also running a pilot site.  

Having a Customer Success Manager and Project Manager dedicated to us has been a key part of our success with Radar Healthcare as we have elements in our setup that are rather complicated. I have the confidence that these individuals understand it to a high-level to assist with any further decisions we make.

Craig Rainford, Operations Systems Manager at Four Seasons Health Care

At Radar Healthcare, customers are assigned a dedicated Project Manager as well as a Customer Success Manager on project kick off. The Project Manager will be there to support throughout the implementation of Radar Healthcare into the organisation. The Customer Success Manager will also be there to help every step of the way, and ensure our customers are confident in achieving their goals. 

We have created a “Patient Journey” in Radar Healthcare by using workflow tasks which various team members across the organisation use in order to assess if patients are ready to be discharged.

Craig Rainford, Operations Systems Manager at Four Seasons Health Care

For their intermediate care function, Four Seasons Health Care measure patients using the Barthel index, which provides them with a score upon entering and leaving the service for activities of daily living (ADL). This includes assessing things like Personal Hygiene, Bathing Self, Feeding, Bladder Control Ambulation and much more, and workflows have been built within Radar Healthcare to help them measure this as easily as possible. All of these create a “Patient Journey and provide them with the foundations for the Barthel index score, which will allow them to see if patients are ready to be discharged.

Radar Healthcare has been instrumental in improving the patient experience as they can now digitally evidence that they are improving people’s independence and moving them through the service back to independent living as quickly and safely as possible.

In addition to this they pull a monthly report from Radar Healthcare which enables them to ensure their service is outputting at a high level as well as seeing the average Barthel score for a site or organisation. This gives them an oversight of their organisation that they did not have previously.

Radar Healthcare has allowed us to hold our NHS contracts and win additional ones, which are reviewed regularly, by enabling us to evidence that we are providing excellent care.

Craig Rainford, Operations Systems Manager at Four Seasons Health Care

Four Seasons Health Care hold contracts with the NHS for their intermediate care function. Radar Healthcare has enabled Four Seasons Health Care group to improve their patient outcomes, as well as win and deliver successful NHS contracts – which they are regularly assessed on. 

Radar Healthcare has enabled us to move from three systems to one. This has allowed us to standardise processes as we now have a single, common interface that all our users understand.

Craig Rainford, Operations Systems Manager at Four Seasons Health Care

Radar Healthcare has allowed Four Seasons Health Care to replace three systems with just one, which financially benefitted them as well as providing them with one central source of truth within the organisation. This means that they now have a single common interface, enabling deployment of new processes much more quickly than before, because staff already understand how to use Radar Healthcare.

We have been using Radar Healthcare for incident management since April 2021. We previously lacked confidence to change to a different supplier but our whole experience with Radar Healthcare made us take the leap. I think the fact that we’ve been able to do this without any major issues is one of our big successes with Radar Healthcare.

Craig Rainford, Operations Systems Manager at Four Seasons Health Care

Due to the success of the implementation of Radar Healthcare for intermediate care, Four Seasons Health Care felt confident to begin to use the software for incident management, in all their 172 locations. They were previously with a different supplier and lacked the confidence to change, however Radar Healthcare worked with them to make the transition as smooth as possible.  

The most important thing for us is that we are providing the best care possible, and Radar Healthcare helps us do just that.

Craig Rainford, Operations Systems Manager at Four Seasons Health Care

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