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The CQC's New Strategy - Smarter Regulation

15 June 2021


  • CQC

Recently, the CQC released their ambitions as part of their new strategy. Within this, there are 4 themes outlined which are: 

We’ve already covered people and communities, and in this blog we’ll be looking closer at smarter regulation. 


What ambitions lie under the smarter regulations theme? 


Taking the right action at the right time 

On-site inspections are vital, but the CQC understand that these may not fully reflect the day-to-day care provided in a service. Therefore, there will be a move away from scheduled inspections to a more flexible approach.  

They’ll encourage ongoing conversations with providers to gain better insight and will visit if there’s a clear need. If they do visit, they’ll speak to those who use the service, their families, advocates and the staff.  

To better use and interpret their data, the CQC are turning to digital. They’re going to support decision making through innovative analysis, artificial intelligence and data science techniques. 

The aim of the taking the right action at the right time ambition is for the CQC and care providers to be alert and ready to act quickly in a more targeted way. 


More meaningful ratings 

More dynamic ratings means that they will be updated if evidence shows a change in quality. There won’t always need to be an inspection to do this. Ratings will now evolve to reflect how people experience care. 


Making it easier to work together 

The CQC have the ambition to make it easier for services to work with them. They’ll only ask for information they need and when they can’t get it somewhere else. They want to improve the way they digitally connect with services. Starting from registration, they’ll make it easier for services to give them the information they need and simpler to update what they’ve already told them. They’ll keep all the information they have on a service in one place so it’s easier to access. 


Adapting to changes 

Care changes, so the CQC aspires to keep pace in their regulatory model. They are going to improve the way they register services so that all parts of an organisation that direct or control care are regulated and ultimately held accountable for people’s care.  


Relevant for all 

The regulatory board will use their clearer definition of quality as a reference for what good and poor care looks like. People can be confident that good means good with whichever service they are using. Information will be easier to understand and more accessible for all audiences. 


How does Radar Healthcare support these ambitions? 

Our ambitions align with the CQC – we want to make healthcare safer. For us, it’s through our risk, quality and compliance management software. Our product compliments the CQC’s new strategy in many ways. 

Real-time data – our software provides you with real-time data on an easy-to-understand dashboard. This means that you can make informed decisions quickly, aligning with the CQC’s ambition of taking the right action at the right time. 

Easy to work with the CQC – our software is already built to make it simple to pull evidence or reports when the CQC requests. Instead of sifting through papers or spreadsheets, you can gather digital evidence in just a few clicks. 

Always up to date – we update Radar Healthcare every 2 weeks, and because it’s cloud-based, you always have the latest version. This means that we’re able to adapt to changes in care regulation quickly, always keeping ahead of the game so our customers can too.


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