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The CQC's draft strategy has a clear focus on digital - are you ready?

06 November 2020


  • CQC

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This year we’ve all experienced that in healthcare, times are changing, and rapidly. The CQC inspections are no different, and they have released a draft strategy to present their changes – “The world of health and social care is changing. So are we. 

From looking at this strategy, it’s clear that there is a focus on digital and technology. The CQC have explained that as well as their 5 key lines of enquiry, they need to understand where digital services can meet people’s needs and improve their outcomes, as well as change the way they regulate these services. Read more about what the CQC does here.

How we can help 

Here at Radar Healthcare, we specialise in tech for the health and social care industry. We can help you get ready for the tech transformation explored in the CQC’s draft strategy, so you’re prepared for when it goes ahead. 

Here’s a little more on what Radar Healthcare can do: 

  • Provide you with full visibility of a service’s quality and compliance status at any time 
  • Self-auditing becomes simple with the help of dashboards and reporting functions 
  • Provide quality and compliance data easily in a digital format, ready for CQC inspections 
  • Our team of experts will help you and your team adopt a digital way of working 

No matter where or when the CQC’s strategy is updated, Radar Healthcare will help ensure you’re inspection ready. 

Where are you on your digital journey? 

Whether you’re at the start of your digital journey, or already taken the first few steps, using Radar Healthcare’s state of the art technology can bring huge benefits. You may be paper based or using spreadsheets, or already have software in place but want to reach outstanding. Whatever your reasonwe can help

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