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Preparing for a CQC inspection

02 May 2019


  • CQC

It can sometimes be daunting to realise that the CQC could be on your doorstep at very short notice, usually in as little as 48 hours, to carry out their inspection on how well you meet the 5 standards.

At Radar Healthcare, we believe that self-auditing is the key to always being prepared for these inspections, so that you are always ready and equipped. This is because by having full, real-time visibility of your current quality and compliance status, you can always keep on top of any areas of non-compliance and react immediately.

According to the CQC, some areas where health and social care providers have failed CQC inspections include:

  • Documents and Policy

‘The practice had a number of policies and procedures to govern activity, but some of these were not accessible to staff when needed.’

  • Incident and Risk Management

‘Risk assessments had not been reviewed or updated following an incident or accident to reduce the risks of a recurrence.’

  • Employee Compliance and Training

‘There was no formal staff induction process in place and there were training gaps in supporting them to develop their skills and knowledge.’

  • Audit and Self-Assessment

‘The practice did not have a programme of continuous clinical and internal audit to ensure their ability to monitor quality and make improvements.’

To help you to ensure you’re always as prepared as you can be, we’ve created a handy guide on how to prepare for your CQC inspection, including a CQC inspection checklist.

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