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More flexible and responsive CQC regulation – have you had your say?

15 March 2021


  • CQC

Following on from the CQC’s consultation on their new strategy which closed earlier this month, focus is shifting specifically to their desire to become a more flexible and responsive regulator. They want to update their ratings more frequently, without on-site inspection, and are proposing changes which you can leave your view on 

We know that some care providers are concerned about these plans, so in this blog we’re looking at the proposal in more detail, along with how Radar Healthcare can help. 


The proposal 

The Chief Executive of the CQC, Ian Trenholm, has said: “Rather than following a fixed schedule of inspections, we propose to move to a more flexible, risk-based approach for how often we assess and rate providers.” 

The CQC are suggesting: 

  • Moving away from using comprehensive, on-site inspection as the main way of updating ratings and assessing quality 
  • Using a larger source of evidence, tools and techniques in order to assess quality 
  • Information already held will be used to update ratings, and any more details needed will be requested in a targeted way 
  • A more flexible approach so that when they recognise changes in quality, the ratings can reflect them quicker 

They say that these changes are important to the public, service providers and other stakeholders as they allow the flexibility to provide more accurate ratings at any time. If you’d like to read the suggestions in more detail, have a look at the CQC’s consultation. 


Being prepared 

If you’re not sure the best approach to prepare for regulatory changes, consider Radar Healthcare.  

Our software can help you quickly and accurately provide the digital data you’ll need to evidence action taken, along with real-time oversight of your organisation – no matter the size or location 

Here’s a little more on what Radar Healthcare can do:   

  • Provide you with full visibility of a service’s quality and compliance status at any time 
  • Self-auditing becomes simple with the help of dashboards and reporting functions
  • Provide quality and compliance data easily in a digital format
  • Our team of experts will help you and your team adopt a digital way of working  


The CQC are becoming more flexible, are you?

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