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CQC consultation closing - the future of healthcare regulation

25 February 2021


  • CQC

The CQC wants to know what you think about their new draft strategy. If you haven’t had your input yet, the consultation is closing on 4 March (5pm), so time is running out! 


What do we know about the new strategy? 

“The world of health and social care is changing. So are we.” 

COVID-19 has accelerated change in health and social care and how services are delivered, for example a rise in the use of digital channels. This has played a big role in the way the CQC want to change regulation management. 

The CQC are planning to move to a view of monitoring care delivery in a system rather than a single provider service model. It’s important that services work together in order to bring about the best outcomes for people.  

As well as this, the CQC are looking at the way people receive care, as this is now supported strongly by technology. Advances in AI, data analytics and mobile communication mean that care outcomes can be improved more rapidly than ever. The CQC need to ensure they are enabling the use of this technology to ensure everyone is getting the best from it.  


Built on 4 main themes 

  1. People and communities

Basing their regulation on people’s experiences and needs, the CQC will focus on what matters to the public and communities. 

  1. Smarter regulation

Ratings will be updated more frequently, with targeted visits focusing on what needs to be examined. 

  1. Safety through learning

The CQC will promote stronger safety cultures in services. They’ll be looking for learning and improvement to be the main response to all safety concerns. 

  1. Accelerating improvement

The CQC will want to see improvements in both individual services and in how they work together as a system to deliver care.  


This is where Radar Healthcare can help 

We know that many care providers are particularly concerned about the CQC’s intention to update ratings more regularly using sources like data and public feedback. 

Radar Healthcare specialise in tech for the health and social care industryand we can help you be ready for CQC inspections – no matter how they change.  

Our software can help you quickly and accurately provide the digital data you’ll need to evidence action taken in your organisation. 


Here’s a little more on what Radar Healthcare can do:  

  • Provide you with full visibility of a service’s quality and compliance status at any time
  • Self-auditing becomes simple with the help of dashboards and reporting functions
  • Provide quality and compliance data easily in a digital format, ready for CQC inspections
  • Our team of experts will help you and your team adopt a digital way of working  


“We welcome the collaborative approach to planning the future of CQC regulation and inspection. We’re especially interested in understanding how digital will play a key role in achieving smarter regulation – in order to gather and use data more efficiently, there needs to be a shift away from manual methods such as paper and spreadsheets, towards digital software. The right software is capable of automatically digesting information into useful and actionable data.  

We support this evolution as it will enable health and social care providers to improve their quality of care without the need to spend time collecting and analysing data. We urge healthcare providers to get involved in the consultation right now and look forward to hearing the results.” 

Paul Johnson, CEO at Radar Healthcare 


CQC inspections are changing, are you ready? 

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