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Building a culture of well-being in care: how can technology help?

28 June 2022


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Due to the nature of the job, many care workers and professionals feel drained, experience workforce burn-out and work-related stress, and struggle with mental health issues on a daily basis.

A study from Eden Care revealed that 41% of care workers had a below-average score for self-esteem, 29% of employees had a below-average score for self-regard, and 26% of employees had a below-average score for self-criticism.

Recently mental health awareness has been particularly prevalent within the healthcare industry. Many organisations and services came together to support their employees by recognising Mental Health Awareness Week 2022 in May and Carers Week 2022 in June.

Building on this, organisations need to continue to prioritise how they can consistently support their employees, ensuring that the best possible care is provided to patients and residents as well as improving recruitment rates and retention rates.

In this blog, we will take a look at how technology, such as Radar Healthcare, can support organisations to promote and build a culture of well-being in care.

Empowering employees through Radar Healthcare

Promoting communication and collaboration

Clear communication is the key to an open culture. The CQC assess organisations based on their ability to promote clear and open communication across all employees and residents.

Nearly 30% of people in the UK have declared that management style and a lack of communication between workers have resulted in them feeling work-related stress and unhappiness at work. Working across a range of systems, such as spreadsheets, makes it difficult to track and map improvements, access information quickly, manage and oversee employee tasks, and keep up-to-date with all relevant documents and policies – not to mention, leaving more room for human error and increasing workload.

That’s why our system provides one accessible view of all quality and compliance policies within an organisation.

Many of our modules and features including scheduled tasks, analytics, risk management, incident and events, and action and improvement plans, to name a few, work together to create a more cohesive and collaborative way of working, whilst simultaneously improving the safety of care and services.

“We had to make sure everyone had the right information they needed, and there was only one way we were going to do that; Radar Healthcare.”

Malling Health

Finding the perfect balance

Complaints, criticism, and concerns are always going to occur in any industry, including social care, and documenting these events and incidents is standard practice in order to improve and development, as well as meet basic CQC criteria.

On the flip side, many organisations miss the opportunity to spread positivity through words of gratitude. An effort to celebrate and recognise workers’ achievements goes a long way and equally has shown to increase productivity, build resilience, reduce staff turnover, and boost staff morale.

Radar Healthcare helps workers collate all types of events, including compliments, achievements, and positive feedback, to allow care workers and professionals to reflect on their hard work and show appreciation.

“Working with Radar Healthcare is proving to be invaluable by bringing together all our incidents and events, audits, and continual improvements into one place. Empowering our workforce to be part of a proactive, caring, supportive environment, in which they can be proud to work.”

Avery Healthcare

Creating a safer work environment for all

Creating a safer working environment is the foundation for building a culture of well-being. Radar Healthcare’s risk management, audits, incident and events, action and improvement plans, and more work together to help spot the issues and pro-actively develop steps to make improvements.

Interested to learn more? Listen to our podcast ‘Gaining the ideal work culture,’ featuring Head of People and Culture, Hannah Wilkinson, and CEO, Paul Johnson, as they discuss the importance of creating a positive work culture for staff wellbeing, retention, and productivity within the industry.

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