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Helping the largest healthcare organisations

When it comes to providing care, keep everything on your Radar


Running a large health or social care organisation can be challenging; with so many moving pieces which don’t always communicate effectively.


We’ve helped some of the largest organisations in the healthcare world meet their objectives by keeping everything on their radar. 


With the introduction of Radar Healthcare not only have we replaced 3 existing quality and assurance systems with 1 we have also enhanced those business processes as well, enabling us to capture better quality data in a more efficient manner.”

Four Seasons


“Prior to Radar Healthcare, we were operating eight systems with lots of information that were not really talking to one another, which took valuable time in keeping up-to-date and finding the information we need. Radar Healthcare has given us the means to see sight of the bigger picture, that not only connects the dots for us internally, but has made our operations more efficient, and in turn increased our compliance support with external regulators.”

– Sanctuary Care


“We have 145 dental practices spread across the country and most of them were still using spreadsheets for reporting and audits, which makes it difficult to monitor what’s happening. What we really liked about Radar Healthcare was that it was a configurable system – meaning we can use our own audits and digitise them – we don’t have to change them to fit a system.” 

– Portman Dental Care

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