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Revolutionise your audits with our new marketing-leading Audits Management Module

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Helping ambulance services improve patient safety

Our flexible, quality and compliance software automates and standardises your processes, freeing up time spent on functional tasks.

Simple to use, digital data allows you to reduce time spent on regulation management tasks such as gathering data and audit trail reviews, so that you can focus on the people you help.

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In one system, manage everything from incidents and action plans to audits and risk. Our analytics module uses AI and machine learning to bring all this data together and work towards improving safety and quality of care.

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How has Radar Healthcare supported ERS Medical with quality improvement and compliance?

Improved transparency
Radar Healthcare has supported ERS Medical to plan and manage issues and the intuitive reporting function ensures that progress and action plans can be easily evidenced.

Digital transformation
Radar Healthcare has been instrumental in ERS Medical’s transformation plans, providing the team with operational efficiencies and data-driven insights.

Continuous improvement
ERS Medical now has the capability to identify problem areas and more importantly, track and trend these events, write action plans and link them to other areas of the business if needed.

We have much greater transparency of our compliance. We are now able to correctly plan and manage issues more effectively and our ability to now evidence what we do is hugely significant. We have seen a huge improvement in our initial investigations and our Regional Managers really buy into it. When the CQC has seen Radar Healthcare, they have been really impressed, as have our NHS customers, who now specifically ask for data out of Radar Healthcare.

Simon Smith - Head of Care Standards, ERS Medical