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Are you looking for a digital audits solution that helps maximise efficiencies and drives continuous improvement?

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GP Federations

Monitor performance and variation across your Federation using Radar Healthcare

Putting quality and compliance at the heart of your Federation

With the focus of GP Federations being able to work collaboratively across practices to share responsibility, we know that having one central system to support you with smooth communication and shared processes will be key to this.

With Radar Healthcare, you’ll have a scalable and sustainable central system from day one of creating and setting up your federation. We’ll help you to create a culture of transparency and accountability, to enable you to deliver high quality, patient focused services to your community.

    • Consolidate performance data from all stakeholders
    • Promote accountability and ownership throughout your Federation
    • Intelligent analytics to provide insight and automate action plans
    • One interoperable system to support collaborative working
    • Hit paperless targets by reducing your manual paper processes
    • Encourage continuous improvement across your whole Federation

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    Tackling your workload every day

    There’s no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges to the entire health and care ecosystem and we have already seen a surge in the number of people using NHS tech since the start of the outbreak to support the continuity of care.

    NHS organisations and care providers have had to operationalise new ways of working, fast-tracking policies and procedures to support the response; health and care workers have had to take on new roles to manage the increase in demand and support their colleagues who are either ill or self-isolating. The system has had to adapt at pace and scale to deal with the unknown, but there is a huge requirement to be able to understand what’s happening across your Federation, to support you to make critical decisions at this time of uncertainty.

    With one central interoperable system, you can start to:

      • Create, schedule, assign and share tasks, set reminders and integrate with your calendar to manage your time effectively
      • Remove your paper audits by digitising the process, so there’s no more folders to look through when you need to check or verify it
      • Manage all of your documents and processes across your organisation for ease and consistency
      • A large workforce in multiple locations? Manage them all in one place: From ensuring their knowledge is up-to-date, to making sure they’ve reviewed processes, you’ll have everything you need for a skilled workforce
      • No more analysing large amounts of data – our smart system does the hard work for you. You’ll be able to set KPIs, view trends, manage your risks and more

    Here at Radar Healthcare, we’re committed to helping you to successfully transform primary care for the better. With our software in over 5,000 locations already, we know it works.