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Radar Healthcare Live


16 October - 06 November 2020


  • Primary Care

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A month of webinars hosted by Radar Healthcare throughout October 2020

Radar Healthcare Live will provide an overview of the pressures facing the NHS today, and the important part that technology plays. We’re bringing you a month of webinars and information to help you understand what modern technology can really do.

Check out what we have in store:

  1. Friday 16th October 1-1.30pm, The new normal: How important is risk management as we move into the next stage of COVID?

    COVID hitting the world has resulted in many learnings, one of these being that boards are now more aware of how important managing risk is. When the pandemic first hit, risk assessments were carried out quickly in a reactive approach, but in an ideal world, the approach would be proactive.

    We’re talking to Ann Highton, Governance Advisor for the Lancashire & South Cumbria ICS, Local Maternity System, about risk approach and importance of technology.

  2. Friday 23rd October 1-2pm, Digital Health webinar – Get ahead of the curve by embracing digital the right way

    A newly merged Trust, Somerset NHS Foundation Trust will be sharing their experience of moving to a more intelligent and modern system to manage their quality improvement processes. They wanted to be ahead of the curve when it came to creating a culture of learning, and they knew they could only do this with the most modern technology out there.

  3. Friday 30th October 1-1.30pm, Changing the culture of primary care to accept technology

    When the pandemic hit, we saw the NHS adopt technology quicker than it ever has. While there’s always been technology out there, it’s come with a nervousness to really make the most of it – and with so many options out there, it’s been difficult to know what to invest in.

    We will be speaking to Joanne Howard, Director of Nursing and Quality at Malling Health about how she changed the culture of her organisation to embrace technology.

  4. Friday 6th November, Radar Healthcare software demo day

    We’re offering you the chance to see what modern technology can really do. Expect to see features you didn’t think capable in software nowadays, which remove the need to trawl through reports or paperwork.

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