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Radar Healthcare Live - The new normal: How important is risk management as we move into the next stage of COVID?


16 October 2020


  • Primary Care

Friday 16th October, 1-1.30pm

COVID hitting the world has resulted in many learnings, one of these being that boards are now more aware of how important managing risk is. When the pandemic first hit, risk assessments were carried out quickly in a reactive approach, but in an ideal world, the approach would be proactive.

This year has shown that all organisations’ assurance frameworks and risk registers should have appropriate risks added, enabling a more proactive approach. It does seem that many organisations have become more risk averse in response to the pandemic.

We’re talking to Ann Highton, Governance Advisor for the Lancashire & South Cumbria ICS, Local Maternity System, about risk approach and importance of technology.

We’ll be discussing:

  • The importance of using integrated technology that can help you work across multiple locations
  • How board assurance frameworks will impact on COVID risk management
  • The importance of sharing best practice from regular risk reviews and monitoring
  • How you can manage risks from anywhere, anytime by using the right technology
  • How we can shift from a reactive to a proactive approach to managing incidents and risks